The West Street

The West Street is the centerpiece of Yangshuo with 517 meters in length and 8 meters in wide. The pavement was covered by marble and as an S-shaped. The antique building is full of local features in the street. On this merchant street, you can find all kinds of souvenirs and snacks. The West Street is the largest foreign corner in China, its night scene is full of exotic atmosphere and the rate of international marriage in the West Street is the highest in China. Above these reasons, the expert and scholar of tourism call it Yangshuo phenomenon in China tourism industry or Global Village in China.

Impression San Jie Liu

Impression San Jie Liu is a large live show which takes the Li-River water area of Yangshuo Shutong hill parts as stage, the sky and 12 peaks as background, integrate various elements such as mountain songs of San Jie Liu, national customs of Guangxi and landscape of Guilin into it. Its first show was on 20th, Mar, 2004 and direct by Zhang Yi Mou.

Green Lotus Peak

Green Lotus Peak is located in the southeast of Yangshuo County and on the west of LI-River. The cliff of the mountain is smooth like a mirror, so it also known as Mirror Hill. Take a boat to Li-River Bridge and look back up you will find that the hill look like a lotus in bud and the mountains around it look like the lotus leaf, so it called Green Lotus Peak. It is a place of interest of Yangshuo.

Ten mile gallery

Ten mile gallery is located in Yangshuo Moon hill and gets its name because the scenery along the road is so beautiful like a picture. Including the Grand Banyan Scenic Area, Moon Hill spectacle,Yulong River, butterfly spring and totem ancient path.

Yangshuo bus station (south station)

The distance from hotel is 1.2 kilometers, takes 15 minutes if you walk to there. The station is near the Sima Yuanpan.

Yangshuo bus station (north station)

The distance from hotel is 2.3 kilometers, takes 35 minutes if you walk to there. The station is near the Yangshuo Dachunmen.

Airport Shuttle Bus Schedule:

The distance from hotel is 90 kilometers,High speed all the way, about 90 minutes to there.

Yangzhou To Airport Airport To Yangshuo
07:00 09:30
09:00 11:00
11:30 12:30
13:00 14:00
14:30 15:30
16:00 16:30
17:30 18:00
19:00 20:00